Welcome to my cake blog!

Creating a custom cake for your celebration…

One of the best things you can do to get the ball rolling is to check out my photos and see if anything inspires you. Next, do some searches on line. There are so many websites out there that have great cake pictures. Google ‘Llama cake’ and you’d be surprised how many pictures are out there. Or look around your child’s room and see what inspires them, favorite stuffed animals, cartoons, anything at all! Once you find something you like send me a photo or the link to a website and I’ll take a look and let you know my thoughts.

* Also… Please make sure when you request a cake you let me know when the event is. Even if you dont know the exact date, telling me a certain week, or weekend is greatly appreciated. Most cakes take me 3-4 days so I need to pencil your request into my calendar as soon as possible.

Then we can brainstorm and go from there!

I hope this note helps but please let me know if you have any special questions and I’d be glad to discuss your needs with you.

Thanks for checking out my pictures and I look forward to creating a masterpiece for you!


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