As far as my pricing goes… it really depends on the cake.
One advantage I do have is that I’ve worked at a bakery before, so I know what the going-rate is for cakes and how the overall business works. I try to keep my prices within reason and comparable to bakery prices.

There are standards in the cake industry as far as pricing ‘per-slice’. *For instance, a 10 inch round cake should feed about 14-16 people. On average, a slice runs about $1.75 to $2.50 (depending in the flavor). So a round, 10 inch, vanilla cake would have a base price of about $28. But that is just the starting point. Then you must determine the elaborateness of the decorating and price accordingly.

Let me know your ideas and I can provide an estimate.


Here is a quick list of the delicious flavors I can make, but I’m always open to new flavors and can find a recipe for anything you have in mind.

Golden Yellow
Mocha (chocolate cake brushed with coffee)
Chocolate Lovers Cake (mocha cake with brownie middle, and chocolate ganache drizzle)
Lemon & Orange Marmalade (shown above)
Lemon Raspberry (Fresh raspberries in between each layer)
Grand Marnier (Cakes soaked in orange liquor)
Strawberry Grand Marnier (Fresh Strawberries in between each layer)

Cakes can be made with my basic buttercream frosting, or customized flavors can be done to complement the cake flavor (one of my specialties is an Orange buttercream for the Strawberry Grand Marnier Cake).

If you’re craving it… I can make it.


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